What Is Adventure Mode in Remnant 2? Answered

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What Is Adventure Mode in Remnant 2? Answered
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Besides Campaign, Remnant 2 also features Adventure Mode that players can use to re-experience previous worlds. This game mode is created to allow fans to taste the full range of randomly generated areas without the hassle of the main story. If you’re curious about Adventure Mode, you’ve come to the right place because we can tell you everything about it!

Remnant 2 Adventure Mode Explained

You can unlock Adventure Mode in Remnant 2 by completing your first world in Campaign. For example, my first world was N’Erud, and I had to enter the Sentinel’s Keep to face Sha’Hala. Once I defeated the boss, I could access Adventure Mode from the World Stone at Ward 13.

Although there are five worlds in the game, you can only generate three in Adventure Mode:

  • N’Erud
  • Yaesha
  • Losomn
Adventure Mode Worlds in Remnant 2.
Image Credit: Gunfire Games via Twinfinite

Since the game offers procedurally generated areas, you can create other versions of the worlds you’ve unlocked in Adventure Mode. This feature is especially useful if you have items that can only be used by visiting specific locations.

One great example is the Navigator’s Helm, which you can acquire from an underground area at the Extraction Hub. If you wear this headgear and enter Titan’s Reach, you can obtain the Plasma Cutter weapon. However, since I only encountered the Extraction Hub in my Campaign, I had to generate N’Erud in Adventure Mode to find Titan’s Reach.

Another great thing about Adventure Mode is that it doesn’t affect your Campaign save file, and you don’t need to worry about losing your progress. Besides keeping all items and gear you find, you can also freely switch between Campaign and Adventure Mode from Ward 13’s World Stone.

Lastly, you can even set the difficulty level differently from your Campaign. If you pick Veteran for your Campaign, you can still choose Survivor, Nightmare, or Apocalypse in Adventure Mode. Should you find the challenge too easy or hard, you can reroll the world and select another difficulty that suits your needs.

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