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The One Warzone Season 5 Change Every DMZ Player Should Be Excited About

Covert and calculated.

Warzone Character ADS with M4 in Season 5
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

With all the changes revealed for Warzone Season 5, it can be tough to know which are set to impact different modes’ metas in the long-run and those that will be less significant. In terms of DMZ’s adjustments though, there’s one that stands out as both huge and welcome.

DMZ Season 5 Change Will Make You Undetectable To AI

That’s right. No more dropping into a busy POI and being relentlessly gunned by bots you’re just trying to ignore. It’s all because of a new item coming with DMZ Season 5.

Alongside the Self-Revive Boxes and Scuba Gas Masks, Activision revealed a new Field Upgrade called Disguise. It’ll spawn randomly around the various Exclusion Zones – we don’t yet know if it’ll be an item you can barter for – and, when equipped, give players immunity and invisibility from enemy AI.

They’ll mistake you for one of their own, a facade that’ll remain until you “blow your cover and act aggressively towards them.”

We don’t know right now, but we presume that means players’ cover will end if they shoot or melee an AI.

DMZ Season 5 New Items and Character
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

The reason it’s such a valuable addition is that there’s tons of AI across DMZ’s Exclusion Zones. They’re not the most challenging enemies but their sheer volume makes them a nightmare to avoid and every player with a few matches under their belt will know the frustration that comes from being downed by bots when they’re just trying to complete missions and extract with valuable contraband.

This is the first time in DMZ’s history such an item has been added, introducing another layer of secrecy to the game, alongside existing items like the Stealth Vest.

With the new Konni Group threatening the DMZ too, there’s a lot for Warzone players to get excited about ahead of Season 5’s August 2 release. In our eyes, the Disguise Field Upgrade is set to be true game changer.

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