This Zelda Fan Is Still Pushing Breath of the Wild to Its Limits

You've never seen trick shots like these before.

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In the days leading up to the long-awaited release of Tears of the Kingdom, many fans have returned to Breath of the Wild to relive memories and prepare for the sequel. One Zelda enthusiast, though, never left. Aquatic_ambi on Twitter has played roughly 1,500 hours of Breath of the Wild, and each day she finds new ways to push it to its limits.

Ambi is known for posting daily clips from Breath of the Wild featuring trick shots she has performed. These aren’t your average, every day stunts that just any player does on a typical playthrough of the game. Ambi’s tricks are far more impressive, often containing elaborate setups and prep work, often ending in hilarious flips and explosions.

But you need to see it to know just how impressive it really is:

The Breath of the Wild developers likely didn’t anticipate that anyone would be pulling off these types of stunts when they released the game back in 2017.

Ambi’s videos contain very minimal editing, if any. She doesn’t use mods that would make it easier to perform her tricks. They are a result of finding the limitations to the game and what her own imagination can conjure.

She shared with us that she comes up with ideas quite randomly while playing the game, imagining exciting scenes that Link might find himself in. She’s especially drawn towards creating tricks that involve lots of flips, dangerous jumps, and explosions—if it looks like it should be in an action movie, Ambi is ready to make it happen.

As you can see, Ambi uses Breath of the Wild’s environment and game physics to perform many of these stunts. It can take her 30 minutes to an hour to perfect a trick, though some have taken much longer. She posts clips that show creative ways to kill enemies, find koroks, or get to hard-to-reach places.

Besides trick-shots, Ambi also loves to capture fun montage videos in the Breath of the Wild world. She gets creative with the game’s camera angles to showcase funny or silly things. For example, she found a creative way to record a cucco floating down a river and its unfortunate demise.

As you can see, her clips are either ridiculously impressive, genuinely hilarious, or often both at the same time.

Sometimes, Ambi shares the setup for her clips in a reply to the original post. For example, in the one above with the cucco, she shows how she pushed the crate into the water and used a camera trick with the cryonis rune to take Link out of the shot.

She also sometimes posts clips of the process; in the first clip we shared with the three guardians and Master Cycle, she shows how she started by clustering the guardians together by using a metal block. Then, she ended up playing what was “basically one long game of peek-a-boo” with TNT barrels by hiding behind them until she was ready to perform the trick.

Of course, mistakes happen that may ruin a trick, and she admits that she has given up on several that had required very long setups. She’d rather create multiple small clips in the same amount of time a long one would take.

Ambi explained that it’s often the clips that she least expects to be popular are the ones that go viral. One time, she encountered a glitch with her horse and edited a recording of it to post online. It ended up receiving nearly 2 million views and 137.9k likes on Twitter. Of course, that far surpassed her expectations as it was her first time doing any editing of her clips.

We asked Ambi if she plans to keep playing Breath of the Wild after Tears of the Kingdom releases. She said that she isn’t even close to being done with Breath of the Wild! That being said, she hopes people will still be interested in seeing content from it after the new game launches.

She shared that Breath of the Wild has evolved so much from when it released six years ago. In fact, the tricks she can perform now weren’t even fathomable back in the early days of the game. Ambi is looking forward to seeing how Tears of the Kingdom evolves over the years as well.

Perhaps Ambi’s trick shots and montages will inspire you to see what you can pull off in Breath of the Wild in the final days before its sequel releases. Otherwise, you can follow Ambi’s Twitter account so you won’t miss the daily clips she posts.

Tears of the Kingdom will be released on the Nintendo Switch later this week on May 12. You can find all of the preorder bonuses that are available right here.

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