Top 10 Best Luffy Gear 5 Wallpapers

It's finally happening, Luffy is at his peak Gear 5!

Image Source: One Piece Youtube

The hype is real for Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation that’s just been teased via the One Piece Official Youtube Channel. Dubbed as being the peak of Luffy and the most powerful ability in the world, fans are ready to see the official unveiling on August 6, 2023. In the meantime, artists have bestowed the fans with a plethora of fantastic desktop wallpapers to satisfy Luffy fans for the time being. So get ready to pick your favorite from these Top 10 Best Luffy Gear 5 Wallpapers.

Image Source: PeakPX

Let’s set things off with a classic throne pose that showcases Luffy as the future Pirate King. You can nab it from PeakPx.

Image Source: PeakPX

This dynamic pose makes for the perfect face-off and battle-primed Luffy, and it can also be found at PeakPX.

Image Source: PeakPX

This illustration looks like it would be perfect for the One Piece TCG! You can pick it up from PeakPX.

Image Source: Alphacoders

In a sumo-like pose, Luffy is showing off all the grandeur of his newfound powers in this wallpaper. Download this stunning piece from Alphacoders.

Image Source: HDWallpapers

If this action scene doesn’t scream ‘epic boss battle’ to you, nothing will! This might also get you in the mood to experience some fighting action yourself via One Piece video games like One Piece Odyssey. Ready to show off this wallpaper battle scene? Download it via HDWallpapers.

Image Source: WallpaperCave

With lightning in the palm of his hand, Luffy is ready to dominate his foes with unparalleled power! Pick this one up from WallpaperCave.

Image Source: Wallpaper.Mob

This wallpaper perfectly captures the down-to-earth and silly side of our favorite hero, Monkey D. Luffy. You can grab it by heading to Wallpaper.Mob.

Image Source: 4KWallpapers

If there’s one things Luffy does best, it’s kicking bad guy butt, and this art tells all! Download it via 4KWallpapers.

Image Source: WallpaperCave

This wallpaper is yet another awesome piece of artwork depicting Luffy with his new lightning bolt in-hand, coming straight at you! WallpaperCave is the place to go if you want this to adorn your screen.

Image Source: Alphacoders

This final wallpaper is truly stunning with its clean white color palette and crisp portrayal of Luffy in Gear 5. Head on over to Alphacoders to pick it up.

Which is your favorite out of these Luffy Gear 5 wallpapers? Let us know in the comments below! Also, make sure to take our best and most challenging One Piece Quiz ever to test your Otaku knowledge.

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