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Not So Berry Challenge, Explained
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If you’ve been wanting to try out a new experience in The Sim 4, you can explore one of the many challenges that have been established by countless fans. In particular, the Not So Berry challenge is one of the most popular storylines in the community, which was created by YouTuber LilSimsie and alwaysimming Sim member. So, if you want to participate in this generational timeline, we’ll explain the general rules and requirements.

What Is The Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge? Answered

The Not So Berry challenge requires you to color code 10 generations through cosmetics and complete various tasks during their lifetimes. Every heir will represent a distinct color, starting off with mint and ending with blue. For example, if you are currently in the Yellow generation, you must customize your Sim’s hair, outfits, and makeup with the corresponding designs.

Before we get into the requirements of each lifetime, you’ll need to follow these general rules throughout your family’s entire legacy:

  • Customize your heir with a specific color (spouses are not required.)
  • Money cheats can be used to a certain extent (especially during the beginning.)
  • Each generation must complete their career and aspiration goals with their heir.
  • The Sim’s Lifespan section must be set to ‘Normal.’
  • You are free to move around unless a particular generation states otherwise.

Now that you know about the rules of the challenge, you’ll need to follow a set of guidelines to achieve this legacy objective. Keep in mind that once you finish the requirements for the heir, you can move on to the next phase and change the color of your Sim’s appearance to match the following set.

First Generation: Mint

  • Have Vegetarian, Jealous, and Materialistic traits
  • Achieve the Chief of Mischief aspiration
  • Complete the Scientist career
  • Finish elements collection
  • Master Mischief and Logic skills

Second Generation: Rose

  • Have the Hot Headed, Snob, and Romantic traits
  • Fulfill the Serial Romantic aspiration
  • Complete the Politician career path
  • Have only one child
  • Master the Charisma skill
  • Leave someone at the alter
  • Get married for the first time as an Elder

Third Generation: Yellow

  • Have the Clumsy, Ambitious, and Loner traits
  • Achieve the Nerd Brain aspiration
  • Finish the Astronaut career path
  • Master the Rocket Science and Handiness skills
  • Build a rocket ship and visit Sixam
  • Enter the Oasis Springs (keep in mind that this will require you to have maxed-out the handiness ability)
  • Have no close friends or relationships other than their grandparent from the Mint generation until this particular relative has passed on

Fourth Generation: Grey

  • Have the Active, Slob, and Music Lover traits
  • Complete the Bodybuilder aspiration
  • Achieve the Athlete career path
  • Master Singing, Parenting, and Athletic skills
  • Go through at least three failed relationships before finally marrying a Sim with the Neat trait
  • Have children and become good friends with all of them
  • Dedicate every Sunday to being a family movie night

Fifth Generation: Plum

  • Have the Genius, Noncommittal, and Dance Machine traits
  • Fulfill the Renaissance Sim aspiration
  • Spend time on the Fast Food, Doctor, and Entertainer career paths
  • Master Dance and at least two other skills (at least Level 8 in six abilities)
  • Marry a Sim and then get divorced
  • Remarry the same Sim
  • Live in at least three different worlds over the course of the Sim’s entire life

Sixth Generation: Orange

  • Have the Evil, Self-Assured, and Glutton traits
  • Complete the Public Enemy aspiration
  • Finish the Criminal career path
  • Master Baking and Charisma skills
  • Live in a rundown apartment for their entire young adult life
  • Have only two twins (you may use a cheat)
  • Insist on being a criminal mastermind even if no one else believes you

Seventh Generation: Pink

  • Have the Neat, Unflirty, and Creative traits
  • Finish the Best Selling Author aspiration
  • Be on the Business career path
  • Complete a postcard collection
  • Master the Writing and Wellness skills
  • Keep a beautiful garden that is well-maintained
  • Quit their day job and pursue their dream of being an author

Eighth Generation: Peach

  • Have the Foodie, Lazy, and Goofball traits
  • Have the Joke Star aspiration
  • Fulfill the Detective career path
  • Get married to a co-worker
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Master Gourmet Cooking and Comedy skills
  • Live in a different world than the one you were raised in

Ninth Generation: Green

  • Have the Squeamish, Geek, and Cheerful traits
  • Achieve the Computer Whiz aspiration
  • Complete the Tech Guru career path
  • Master Mixology, Video Gaming, and Programming skills
  • Accept every invitation to parties and social gatherings
  • Have at least five good friends
  • Have at least five enemies

Tenth Generation: Blue

  • Have the Gloomy, Perfectionist, and Family Oriented traits
  • Fulfill Big Happy Family aspiration
  • Complete the Critic career path
  • Adopt at least one child
  • Master the Photography, Cooking, and Wellness skills
  • Marry their high school sweetheart
  • Have a one-time affair
  • Never get divorced

As you may expect, each generation will affect the next one based on various lifestyles, so you can establish your own storylines or look over LilSimsie’s pre-made narratives. Those who don’t see a particular trait for their Sim may need to purchase an add-on to unlock characteristics. For example, the Squeamish trait is only available through the Outdoor Retreat pack.

If you happen to miss out on an objective, you can establish your own rules to get through the rest of the cycle. There aren’t necessarily any penalties for these unachieved tasks, and you can always try again in the next generation.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better understanding of the Not So Berry challenge, and you can learn more about these games through our explanation of the 100 Baby challenge. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below to view additional Sims content.

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