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How To Get Graves Operator in Warzone & MW2

Send players to the grave as Graves.

Graves Operator in Warzone and MW2
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Warzone Season 5, like all the new seasonal updates and Reloaded patches, is bringing new Operator skins for players to earn, purchase and rock in-game. One is for Graves, the popular character from Modern Warfare 2’s Campaign. But how do you get it in Season 5? 

How To Unlock Graves Operator Skin

In Warzone and MW2 Season 5, the Graves Operator Skin is unlocked by purchasing the new season’s Battle Pass. 

We don’t know specifically if he’ll be behind a sector players need to level up to, but he is part of the pass and won’t require extra investment in a Bundle or Store-only item. 

In the past, Operators have been locked behind sectors that players unlock across the Season as they earn XP and progress. Activision emphasized that Graves will be available from launch, meaning S5’s August 2 release date. 

As a result, he could even be unlocked via the first sector that players automatically earn when they purchase the Battle Pass. 

Who is Graves? (MW2 Spoilers Follow)

He’s a character from the campaign. The reason there’s been so much interest and excitement in his return as an Operator is that, at the end of Modern Warfare 2’s narrative, he’s assumed KIA when Soap uses C4 to blow up a tank he is thought to be inside of. 

However, the Season 5 blog confirmed he was never in the tank, saying: “You probably have questions. Graves does not have time for answers. He says he was never in that tank that exploded at the hands of the 141, and now it’s back to business.”

With so much new content coming in Season 5, it certainly is back to business. 

That’s everything on unlocking the Graves operator skin in Warzone & MW2 Season 5. For everything else CoD, DMZ, Warzone and MW2, give the related content below a look. 

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