How to Fix Co-Op Not Working in Remnant 2

How to get Co-Op to cooperate.

Remnant 2 Coop Not Working
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It’s always frustrating when a game, or game feature, isn’t working as players would like or as developers intended. While Remnant 2 has been captivating players since launch, some have reported problems with the game’s co-op not functioning as intended. Here are the causes, as well as some solutions and ways to fix it.

Remnant 2 Co-Op Not Working

First thing’s first: Players should ensure they’ve met the requirements to unlock cooperative play in Remnant 2.

Like its predecessor, it doesn’t come as an immediate option and players need to work their way up to being able to play co-op. This involves completing the short tutorial at the beginning of the game. You’ll then unlock the main World Crystal in Ward 13. After this, you’ll be able to play with friends and will be informed via an in-game message telling you your “session is now joinable”.

Remnant 2 Coop Unlock Message
Image Credit: Gunfire Games via Twinfinite

If you’ve reached this point and co-op isn’t working, we’ve got a few tips for you to try. We’ll run through them all to ensure you’re covering every base and the chances of it working are as high as possible.

Ensure They’re Friends On Your Platform

Remnant 2 co-op requires players wanting to play together to be friends on their platform. PlayStation players need to ensure they’re friends with other players on PSN, and Xbox players need to ensure they’re friends with those they want to play with on Xbox Live. There’s no crossplay in Remnant 2, so you can’t play with friends on alternate platforms.

Restart Your Game & Platform

As it sounds, this resets both your game and console, meaning any issues that have arisen could be eradicated when the game starts back up. Just make sure your game is saved beforehand!

Try A Workaround

Because of the problems with Remnant 2’s co-op, a couple of workarounds have emerged. The first is to un-friend the player you want to play with. Ensure they’re off your friends list, then open up Remnant 2. Once in the game, add them as a friend on your platform and then try to team up in-game.

The second is to essentially join a player’s game from a World Crystal. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Head for a World Crystal and select “Join Game”.
  2. Select “Campaign” and search specifically for the gamertag of the friend you want to join.
  3. When the friend appears, select their world and opt to join their session.

Again, this workaround has let players overcome the co-op issues.

That’s everything we have to share in terms of solving Remnant 2 co-op issues. We’re sure the devs will be releasing more patches in the future to address the game’s issues, so keep your games updated and check back with us for the latest.

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